Mechanics Hall Worcester

The Worcester Mechanics Association • Worcester, Massachusetts

For a century, the mills of Woonsocket, along the Blackstone River, manufactured everything from worsted wool, glass ornaments, to rubber tanks. The design challenge was to capture the stories of the people who worked at the mills and show how the landscape of Woonsocket changed over time as more and more mills vied for a place along the Blackstone River. This had to take place within an existing 600 sf gallery. Visitors enter through an arch partially clad in bricks from the famous Alice Mill. Our media partner, Trivium Interactive, developed the latest gestural interactive technology to allow visitors to time-travel through Woonsocket’s industrial past, plus, we created a visitor-generated database for fundraising and community engagement.

Project Details

Scope: Exterior lighting, wayfinding, digital messaging, graphics, finishes

Budget: $450,000     

Project Team

Development: Edward Malouf,
Carol Lieb (CDC); Robert Kennedy, Kathryn Gagne (Mechanics Hall)

Design: Edward Malouf; Derek Barnwell (Available Light); Helen Riegle (HER Design)

Media: AVFX

Graphics: DGI, Mystic Scenic Studios

Construction: Mystic Scenic Studios