Marigold Marsh at Houghton’s Pond

Department of Conservation & Recreation, Houghton’s Pond • Milton, Massachusetts

Each day, thousands of visitors from the Boston Metro area flock to this water-logged world created by rain, melting snow and overflow from the nearby Houghton’s Pond. Here we designed a program of interpretive waysides that engages members of this culturally diverse urban population, and guides them along an incredible boardwalk leading to the beach. Constructed of phenolic panels, our wayside panels provide a window to the world of water-loving wildlife and swamp-happy plant species for all visitors.

Project Details

Scope: Wayside project, 6 panels

Budget: $15,000.

Project Team

Content Development: Edward Malouf,
Maggi Brown, DCR

Art Direction: Carol Lieb

Design & Illustration:
Edward Malouf, Shaai Saatar

Image Research: Carol Lieb

Printing: Fossil Industries Inc.

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