Hingham Historical Society - exhibit on boxes, buckets, and toys, how the craftsmen of Hingham shaped everyday life
Ballroom Gallery Exhibit, introduction view
Design development intro view of the new exhibit at the Derby Academy building of the Hingham Historical Society.
Introductory mural
This introductory mural features Hingham in the early 19th century when the town was a bucket making center. it was painted by local artist Joan Brancale.
Long Wharf and the Lane Ledger
The Growing Markets exhibit area, featuring the Lane ledger. Learn how Hingham captured the small container market by providing thousands of canteens for the new Continental Army.
Bucket-making workshop exhibit
Featuring a workers bucket-making horse, this exhibit is based on the preserved bucket making shop on the Hersey property. The video on the graphic rail shows descendant John Hersey making a bucket.
"What kind of bucket is it" interactive
Buckets were designed for very specific purposes, much like applications are today.
Beyond the Basics
Area 5: Beyond the Basics, as bucket making became industrialized, Hingham craftspeople created miniature buckets and dollhouse furniture.