Parker’s Revenge

Minute Man National Historical Park, Lincoln, Massachusetts

“—the donors and supporters really loved the exhibit and the Friends are very proud to have been involved.  The Park thanks you for your good efforts and professionalism.”

Elaine M. Miller, Executive Director, Friends of Minute Man National Park

Measure the weight of a musket ball, it might tell you who fired it. The interactive after testing in the shop at Mystic Scenic Studios.

The mural by illustrator Howell Golson is based on the historical landscape report.
This detail shows the British column on the right making its way up the road carrying the wounded from skirmishes earlier in the day. A flanking party is engaged with the colonists. The opposing troops are approximately 50 to 75 yards apart, this is based on the musket balls found in the archeological survey.
A key page from the archeology report byMargaret Watters used to create the historic landscape shown in the mural illustration.