Silver Lake Nature Center

  • Silver Lake

    Here are the vistas that reward visitors who follow the boardwalk of this 235-acre preserve.

  • Content Exhibit Plan

    Based on our community discussions, we proposed significant architectural changes to promote accessibility.

  • Entry

    A dual height reception counter replaces the sliding glass window formerly used by the staff.

  • Orientation

    The unproductive shop space was converted to an orientation area and a window to the Coastal Forest created.

  • Glacier

    Silver Lake came to be with the receding of the glaciers. Different rock types are identified in a tactile exhibit.

  • Diversity

    The large taxidermic collection was brought to life!

  • Land Use

    Both graphic animation and mechanical interactives convey the complexity of the surprising land use changes

  • Aquarium

    Our program combined four separate aquariums into one crawl under experience. A new view to the bird feeders was added.

  • Touchable Interactive

    Touchable interactive illustrates the unique qualities of each bird, positioned near the enlarged window for real life identification