Marigold Marsh at Houghton’s Pond

  • Houghton’s Pond

    Houghton's Pond is the most visited park in the Mass DCR Metro South region with an average of 5,000 visitors a day.

  • A New Boardwalk

    The new boardwalk made accessible spectacular views of the Marsh and reduced human intrusion to the fragile habitat. Located along the path are strategically placed viewing nodes.

  • Interpretive Approach

    Our interpretive approach enabled us to illustrate the key concepts by combining the flora and fauna within the environment.

  • Transformations

    Here all variety of plant and animal changes take place, cattails fluff up and dispense seeds, and dragonfly larvae crawl up their stalks and frog eggs turn into tadpoles.

  • Seasonal Changes

    This node along the boardwalk provided a great view of the Marsh and is a good place to talk about the dramatic seasonal changes of the Marsh.

  • We’ve Got You Covered

    It is located in the woodiest portion of the boardwalk so visitors can detect the shelf fungi, downy woodpeckers, and gray squirrels.

  • Turtle Play

    These turtles are taking in the heat! Watching these cold-blooded amphibians regulate their body temperature is a treat for visitors.

  • Message Kiosk

    Content•Design provided a complete scope of work; it included providing this kiosk as well as the material and installation of six waysides.

  • Long Lasting Beauty

    We use products that are environmentally sound and durable, these panels will not delaminate, separate, crack or peel, even in the harshest conditions.