What’s on your exhibit bucket list?

Hingham Historical Society’s bucket list – a visitor experience that combines hands-on interactives with visible storage and a new exhibit The Hingham Historical Society’s new Heritage Museum exhibit tells the story of “Bucket Town” where energetic and innovative craftsmen created tens of thousands of wooden buckets along with firkins, piggins, pantry boxes, churns, and other essential […]

3 ways to transform a nature center into a nerve center

The third space is central to community vitality Silver Lake Nature Center unites community members in a positive, shared experience through purposeful exhibit content and design. Most of us are busy beavers when it comes to activities of daily living. We rise and shine at home, trudge off to work, shuttle back, and repeat the […]

Accessibility is The Visitor Experience

Design for the most important factor—access The Florida Department of Parks and Recreation needed to transform their crown jewel visitor center, Paynes Prairie Preserve; we zeroed in on the most important factor in our design brief—visitor accessibility. While could not change the incredible landscape with a 500-foot long winding path through the hammock that connects […]

Sailing 3,200 miles ocean to do it THEIR way

Interpreting root causes for significant historical events During the Plymouth 400 forum last month Michaël Roumen, director of Cultuurfonds Leiden, gave a sweeping overview of the places where the emigrants lived, worked and prayed. The streets, garden, and estate they lived in, and most importantly, Pieterskerk, remain unchanged since 1620 when the voyage took place. […]

Mills of Woonsocket

This video illustrates the conceptual design of the “Mills of Woonsocket.” This multi-touch and multi-user digital experience. Using the latest in gestural interface technology, this new exhibit will allow  Museum of Work Culture visitors to explore how the explosive growth of mill production transformed the landscape of Woonsocket. In the process of creating this exhibit, […]