Black Founders: The Forten Family of Philadelphia

Museum of the American Revolution • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Museum, renowned for exposing all the stories of the American Revolution, not only the heroic narratives we are familiar with, has done it again. Few people outside of scholarly circles and Philadelphians are familiar with James Forten, but now he has a national stage with the exhibit Content•Design designed in collaboration with the Museum staff. Over 150 artifacts from 53 institutions were sourced to interpret the facts of the Forten family and themes of patriotism, racial violence, and culture. Our exhibit plan created an accessible pathway, organized the content areas, created special features, and optimized the Museum’s case and wall resources. In addition, the graphic experience design was built into our plans.

Project Details

Scope: 4600sf changing gallery exhibit

Budget: $415,000     

Project Team

Development: Aimee Newell, Kathryn Babbs Millar, Mathew Skic (MoAR);
Edward Malouf

Exhibit Design: Edward Malouf

Graphic Design: Rebecca Phipps (MoAR)