Interpreting Roxbury, the Untold History

Roxbury is one of Boston’s founding communities Roxbury, Massachusetts is 389 years old, and as a town, city, and now a neighborhood of Boston, has experienced all the significant upheavals and events of those last four (almost) centuries. Colonialism, war, slavery, immigration, the industrial revolution, civil rights, etc. all occurred after the Massachusett, Nipmuc, and […]

What does it take to make history?

A Revolutionary Woman – Deborah Sampson During Women’s History Month we think back to an inspired performance at History Camp Boston 2017 featuring Deborah Sampson, a Contiental Army soldier from 1782 to 1783. This powerful performance created an emotional connection to the past and helped us to understand what it takes to make history. This […]

20 Years Along the Blackstone River

The falls that made Woonsocket famous Creating a the Anniversary Exhibit With the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Museum of Work and Culture, part of the Rhode Island Historical Society, director Anne Conway knew what was needed to complement the existing exhibits. Well-represented in the Museum is the story of French-Canadian immigration, life on the […]

Staying ahead of the current

Planning interpretation along the Current River in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways Home to the most significant number of first magnitude springs in the world and the Current River, the Riverways has been a National Park for 53 years. Before that, there were several Missouri State Parks, Big Spring and Round Spring for instance, that […]